About us 

After having been on holiday to Extremadura for a couple of years in a row, and having enjoyed both the rich nature and culture, as well as the amazing weather, we emigrated here in 2014. Corné used to work as an organisation adviser in the Netherlands, and Lia as a medical assistant and -coach. For us, Extremadura means a wonderful adventure in an amazing environment, day after day.

At our finca we attempt to offer our guests a place where it is lovely to stay. Because we are familiar with Extremadura, we can advise you about many aspects of the region and we can try to help you find the places you might be interested in. Corné and Lia are both nature photographers, so you might also come to them with questions about such subjects. Especially in the field of macro photography we have a lot of expertise. 


Corné and Lia


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