Other places of interest

Impressive nature reserves and beautiful cities: Extremadura has it all. In addition, Extremadura has a number of smaller places of interest that you might like to visit. On this page we give an overview of a number of these places.



Montánchez is close to our finca. If you thus want to go on a trip for a couple of hours, Montánchez is very suited to this. It is especially well-known as the place where the best ham of Extremadura is made. The Pata Negra of Montánchez is famous, and tourists from all around Spain are attracted to it. There are several spots in the village where you can taste this special ham. Above Montánchez you can find the big fortress from where you have an amazing view across the surrounding area. The graveyard of Montánchez is situated against the same mountainside; it is one of the most famous and most photographed graveyards of Extremadura.


La Basilica de Santa Lucía del Trampal

This church stems from the Visigothic period (seventh century) and is one of the most beautiful examples of the medieval architecture in Spain. This church is only a fifteen minute’s drive away from the finca. To get there, you follow the Ruta de Alcornacales, a route with ancient forests of cork oaks. Near the basilica, there is also a visitors’ centre with information about the church and other special findings from the Roman period.



Visiting Alcántara can be combined well with a trip to Portugal. The city is situated next to one of the many reservoirs that have been constructed throughout the stream of the Tagus. The Roman bridge across the Tagus is famous, but there are several medieval constructions that can be admired as well. Alcántara is right next to the Portuguese borders, and so it is tempting to visit Portugal as well.



Medellín is a lovely Spanish village. It is the birth place of Hernán Cortes, who conquered Mexico. On the village square you may find a statue of this most famous inhabitant of the village. Very striking is the Moorish castle on the top of the adjoining mountain. From there, you have a beautiful view of the ancient Roman bridge across the river Guadiana. Across the river there is a restaurant with a similarly gorgeous view of the surrounding area.


The reservoir of Alcollarín

The reservoir of Alcollarín is still relatively new. It was built as a supply of drinking water and irrigation water for the fields. However, it quickly turned out that it was more of an attraction for birds. On two sides of the lake, there are beautiful paths that allow for a view around the entire lake. The lake is not filled up entirely yet; the water slowly turns into dehesa, and therefore the variety of birds is huge here. It is a beautiful ornithological attraction only a thirty minutes’ drive away from our finca.


The area of Almoharín

After Arroyomolinos, Almoharín is the closest village to us. When you visit the outstretched tomato fields there, you arrive in a valhalla for small singing birds. Between those fields, the grounds are rough with plenty of hiding and nesting places for many birds. [naam] and [naam] stay here year-round. In addition, there are many other singing birds to be found. For many birds it is a beautiful place that you could easily drive by without even noticing.

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