For bird watchers, Extremadura is truly a paradise. There is a wide variety of vast landscapes, inexhaustable food sources and bountiful peace. All of this can be found here, and the birds appreciate that. Most bird watchers can be found in Monfragüe. Without a doubt, this is the most famous place for finding rare bird species. Monfragüe can however be a little busy in Spring time. This is not much of a problem, as there are everywhere places to be found to watch birds. From our finca, situated central in Extremadura, you can reach almost all of these places fairly easily.

Every season is good. In the Summer, the birds are more passive, though, and if it stays dry for too long, some species might move away. The best months are September until June. Please do keep in mind that the seasons, and therefore also the breeding season, are earlier here than they are in northern Europe. Vultures nest from January/February onwards, as does the stork. In June, most young birds have left their nests already. In Autumn, from October onwards, Extremadura is swarmed by massive numbers of cranes that spend the winter here; there are estimated to be around 120,000 of them. Sometimes, the air is filled with cranes. It is a spectacle that any true bird watcher has to have seen at least once in his or her life.

Bird watchers that are less experienced or just starting out can book an excursion with Corné to one of the extraordinary areas nearby. Also, there have been placed several photography shelters in different places in Extremadura that can be booked by arrangement. For more information, please contact us. Corné knows the different bird watching areas here and can advise you about the possibilities. Azure winged magpie, birdwatching, bird watching, Extremadura

On our finca, you are also not in a bad place for bird watching. Many of the special species of Extremadura fly around in this area and breed on or nearby our grounds. On the finca you can see species such as the griffon vulture, black vulture, Bonellis´s eagle, cirl bunting and Sardinian warbler almost all the time. In the Spring, the woodchat shrike breeds on or nearby our finca. In the close surroundings, we also have breeding bee-eaters and the southern grey shrike. In both Spring and Summer, we have the short-toed snake eagle, booted eagle, Egyptian vulture nearby. There are truly too many to count. Here you can find a link with a list of all the bird species we have seen on the finca starting in April 2014.


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