Bike rental 

When you want to rent a bike while staying at Finca el Rabilargo you can make use of our bike rental service. We offer this in collaboration with a German couple who live nearby.
The bikes are supplied by Extremadura Aktive. We will get you in touch with this company.They speak English, German and Spanish. If necessary we can mediate. The bikes will be delivered at you accommodation and adjusted at your length.
In Extremadura you have a lot of possibilities when you ride a mountainbike. You don’t need to stay on the road so you can enter the dirt tracks. Extremadura Aktive has described different itineraries for you.

The prices are: 

  • One mountainbike (minimum 5 days)  €75,-
    Each day extra €13,50 per dag.
  • From 2 bikes(minimum 3 days) €13,50 per bike, per day.

The following is included: 

  • a helmet (is obligated in Spain)
  • light
  • a tyre patching set
  • a pump
  • a lock

When you don’t want to fix a punctured tyre yourself you can ask Extremadura Aktive to do that for you . They will also help you when you are underway. The price for this is €35,-


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